Shutting Up

By Kevin Deisher

I talk too much. Seriously, I do.

I rarely hear when God is talking to me. I spend time in prayer every night with my wife. I do all the praying, which is usually just me talking to God. I thank him for our salvation and the blessings we have received from him. I spend time sharing what is on my mind and my wishes for my family, especially for my kids who are grown and finding their own ways in the world. But I’m a failure with my prayers.

Why do I say that?

Because I never seem to shut up and listen. When I’m done praying, I roll over and grab my phone and start my Audible app and listen to a book for about 30 minutes to wind down and fall asleep. That is my routine almost every night. I talk too much and then when I should be listening to God, I am listening to a sci fi or fantasy novel. That does nothing for my spiritual life and leaves me unsatisfied with that part of my life.

I know how to correct that behavior. I just need to get my head screwed on straight and shut up so I can listen to God and truly hear what he is trying to tell me.



One thought on “Shutting Up

  1. So shutting up and listening is not as tidy as I would like it to be. The first thing I need to be convinced of is that God will speak.

    We like to say he speaks through his word or circumstances or maybe even a friend. Maybe we get an “impression” from the Lord. But what if he actually spoke into our life in such a way that we audibly heard him and had to respond?

    Michael Card wrote in his song “In Stillness and Simplicity,” the following phrase”
    You’re the word who must be heard by those who listen quietly/
    Is the reason we’re not still to hear you speak because we don’t believe you will.

    I need to be willing to listen, believing he will speak, and then believe I am not crazy when I hear his voice.

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